Parent-Family Participation


We believe that young children grow and learn better in school when their parents become active participants in the school. It is the Program’s mission to encourage all families, regardless of family structure; racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds; gender; abilities; or preferred language to volunteer in all aspects of the program such as:

  • School Board/Advisory Committee – Parents have the opportunity to become a School Board/Advisory Committee Member.
  • Fathers' Club, Mothers’ Club – A voluntary committee consisting of dedicated and committed parents who play an integral role in organizing fundraising events with program staff for the School.
  • Volunteering in classrooms- (reading a book, helping the teacher in activities, introducing their expertise), library, field trips, snack sales and etc.
  • Administration, families and staff are involved in evaluating Program’s goals and objectives at least annually.
  • The School administration has the sole discretion in determining all aspects of volunteer opportunities at the School and may at its sole discretion grant, deny, or change volunteer opportunities and assignments.
  • In addition to all of the above opportunities, parents may visit the school at any time during the program’s regular hours of operation.
  • Extended Family members are welcome in the classroom with prior notification and the authorization of the parent.
See below for Committee Bylaws.