Parent-Family Participation

Committee Members 2023-2024
  • Housik Magardichian, Chairperson
  • Aram Touloumdjian, Vice Chairperson
  • Raffi Christianian, Treasurer
  • Stephen Keoseian, Secretary
  • Chris Bohjalian, Secretary

We believe that young children grow and learn better in school when their parents become active participants in the school. It is the Program’s mission to encourage all families, regardless of family structure; racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds; gender; abilities; or preferred language to volunteer in all aspects of the program such as:

  • School Board/Advisory Committee – Parents have the opportunity to become a School Board/Advisory Committee Member.
  • Fathers' Club, Mothers’ Club – A voluntary committee consisting of dedicated and committed parents who play an integral role in organizing fundraising events with program staff for the School.
  • Volunteering in classrooms- (reading a book, helping the teacher in activities, introducing their expertise), library, field trips, snack sales and etc.
  • Administration, families and staff are involved in evaluating Program’s goals and objectives at least annually.
  • The School administration has the sole discretion in determining all aspects of volunteer opportunities at the School and may at its sole discretion grant, deny, or change volunteer opportunities and assignments.
  • In addition to all of the above opportunities, parents may visit the school at any time during the program’s regular hours of operation.
  • Extended Family members are welcome in the classroom with prior notification and the authorization of the parent.
See below for Committee Bylaws.
Pursuant to the By-Laws of the Board of Regents of Armenian Prelacy Schools, the
Administration of Holy Martyrs Marie Cabayan Elementary School, Holy Martyrs
Ferrahian High School, and Holy Martyrs ARS Ashkhen Pilavjian Preschool, may elect
to assign parent committees including the PSC, Armens, and Fathers Club to help
assist the Administration in organizing social events, fundraisers, and extracurricular
activities. Additionally, the Administration may assign task forces or ad-hoc groups as
needed. To coordinate the activities of these committees and groups, the Principal(s)
assigns administrative personnel as a liaison between the Administration and the
parent committees. The School Board is entitled to have its liaisons near these
The By-Laws can be amended by the approval of the school Principal. All proposals
for amendments must be presented to the Principal(s) for approval.
The primary function of any parent committee is to organize social events,
fundraisers and extracurricular activities set by the Administration as part of the
school program.
Section 1
All activities must be designed to help and facilitate the implementation of the
school mission/purpose and the school ESLRs. The activities must provide
educational, cultural, or recreational experiences for the students.
Section 2
In addition to the fundraising events and the extracurricular activities assigned by the
Administration and/or the School Board, any member of a committee may suggest a
different activity and present it to the committee at the general meeting for approval
and implementation.
Section 3
Money may be raised through functions such as school or community fundraisers,
direct donations, raffles, ad-books and other means voted on at committee regular
meetings and approved both by the Administration and the School Board.
Section 4
A fundraiser for a specific project first must be sponsored before the project is
planned. After completion of the activity and payment of all expenses, the funds
remaining are allocated toward the sponsored project.
Section 5
Parental committees shall not seek to interfere in the administrative activities of the
school or influence its policies.
Section 6
Parent committees are accountable to the Principal(s) and the School Board. All
decisions made by these committees (PSC, Armens, Fathers Club, etc.) should be
approved by the Principal(s).
Section 7
Campus wide parental committees are accountable to both school Principals and the
Pilavjian Preschool Director.
Section 1
The School Board may form and appoint committees (such as parent support
committee, finance committee, gala committee, the planning committee, the
endowment committee, etc.) necessary to carry out the activities and purposes of
the School Board
Section 2
Committee members may be composed of board members, past board members,
alumni, parents, or any others who may be approved and/or appointed by the
School Board.
Section 3
All committees are accountable to the School Board.
Section 4
The term committee membership is on a Fiscal Year basis. It shall not exceed one
school year.
Section 5
The School Board should be regularly updated on committee activities by the
committee chair or an appointed liaison to the School Board.
Section 6
All committee members serve on a fiscal year basis and can be appointed or elected
for a maximum of three (3) consecutive years. Committee members can rejoin the
same committee after a one-year break.
Section 1
Interested parents are encouraged to become a member and participate in any one
committee of the parental committees or groups. Parents may serve simultaneously
in more than one fundraising committee, however parents may not be part of the
Executive Body for both committees.
Section 2
Committee membership must be finalized in the month of September of a school
year. Committees in cooperation with the Administration may choose to start
member solicitation as early as May.
Section 3
Parents who are employees of the school, can serve in parental support committees
as members of that committee.
Section 4
Requests for resignation from a committee must be presented to the committee in
writing and shall be effective on the date it was received.
Section 5
Compliance to the By-Laws is expected of all committee members. Failure to comply
by the By-Laws or the school policies and not act in the best interest of the
committee or the students could be a reason for the Administration/School Board to
remove an elected officer or a regular member from the committee.
Section 1
A meeting calendar shall be established at the first meeting of the fiscal year for each
of the parental committees. Each committee must hold at least two (2) meetings per
month. Non-members are welcome to attend any meeting, but voting is restricted to
committee members only.
Section 2
Members in attendance at the general meeting constitute a quorum of the general
membership and are empowered to make decisions for the general membership.
Section 3
The fiscal year of all committees shall begin on the first (1st) day of July of a year and
end on the thirtieth (30th) of June the following year.
Section 4
The general format of business meetings will follow Town Hall Meeting format. All
members in attendance may participate and vote. The Chairperson is not expected
to follow strictly the guidelines of Robert’s Rules of Order.
Section 5
Order of Business shall be:
a) Call to Order
b) Approval of prior Minutes
c) President’s Report
d) Treasurer’s Report
e) Correspondence
f) New Business
g) Old Business
h) Adjournment
Section 1
All issues requiring a vote are decided upon by a majority vote.
Section 2
The voting members of any committee consist of parents who have been officially
registered members of the committee.
Section 3
Only members who have served on the committee previously for one year, with
regular attendance at meetings (at least 50%), shall be eligible to be nominated and
serve on the committee as officers.
Section 4
Elections shall be held annually at the first committee meeting in the beginning of
the academic year. In the absence of majority membership, elections may be tabled
to the second meeting.
Section 5
Officers will be elected by a vote of the membership in attendance at the meeting.
Nominees must be present during the election.
Section 1
The elected officers of a parental committee shall be Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and
Section 2 Officer duties shall include the following:
The Chair
a) Presides at all meetings of the committee
b) Prepares the agenda for all regular meetings
c) Coordinates the responsibilities of the officers and advisors
d) Coordinates the work of the officers and advisors
e) Communicates with the administration and the School Board representative
The Vice-Chair
a) Acts as aid to the Chair.
b) Performs the duties of the Chair in his/her absence
The Secretary
a) Keeps minutes of all general meetings
b) Keeps the record of all attendees
c) Conducts all correspondence required by the committee
d) Provides the Principal and the School Board liaison, within one week, a copy of the
minutes of each meeting
e) Provides the Administrative office a roster of committee members with email
addresses and cell phone numbers
f) Maintains the calendar of events and informs the Administration about the
g) Keeps files of communications, papers, and documents
The Treasurer
a) Takes responsibility for accounting and dispersion of all funds
b) Keeps an accurate record of receipts and expenditures
c) Collects money during events and counts funds at the conclusion of each event
with at least one other member of the committee or school staff
d) Presents the financial status of the committee at every meeting
e) Presents a separate profit and loss statement for each event
f) Prepares a yearly report at the end of June
g) Requests checks from school accountant when needed
h) Deposits funds with school’s accountant on an ongoing basis
Members at Large
a. Take responsibility in the organization of committee events
b. Help procure donations and sponsorships
c. Recruit volunteers and donors
d. Prepare flyers and handouts.
e. Maintain designated storage cabinets.
Section 1
There will be one checking account designated as “School Sub-Committees” for use
by all parental committees. All committees must maintain a minimum account
balance of $1,000 at any time. All funds collected for a project must be allocated
towards that same project. The Athletic Committees (Armens Committees) due to
their large turn over may choose to maintain a separate checking account. The
startup balance in its checking account at the beginning of a fiscal year must be at a
minimum of $5,000.
Section 2
Non-budgeted funds in excess of $500 must first be approved by the School Board.
Section 3
Committee members after having obtained the approval of the School Board may
solicit funds for a project or pay for expenses incurred.
Section 4
Upon completion of a fundraising event, the committee must approve and submit to
the School Board a separate profit and loss statement prepared by the treasurer.
Section 5
Expenditures made by committee members may be paid for allowable expenses, if
accompanied by documentation/receipts and if approved by the Committee.
Committee members should not receive compensation for services rendered.
Section 6
All committee members are responsible for school funds and valuables held in their
Section 7
All items for sale for fundraising purposes must correspond with the Board of
Regents’ standards and must be approved by the respective Elementary or High
School Principal and/or the Preschool Director.
Section 8
Food items high in sugar content, high in fat, or drinks with caffeine should not be
sold on campus. The following are examples: candy, chocolate, soda, potato chips,
coffee. All food items on sale must be approved by the respective Principal or
Preschool Director.
Section 1
All formal communication with parents, including letters, email, notes, must be
approved by the Administration. The design of flyers, tickets, notices, social media
posts, etc., must all have the Administration’s approval before distribution.
Section 2
Committees may promote their events through:
a) Bulletin board postings
b) Spreading flyers on cars
c) Sending home flyers in student folders (Preschool and K-5)
d) School social media platforms
e) Regular US mail
f) Banners (3x6) posted in the parking lots
g) Mass e-mail & phone calls by the administration through One Call system.
Section 3
All activities approved by the Principal(s) and by the Preschool Director may be
disseminated on both campuses and to all grade levels including the Preschool, the
Elementary School, the Middle School, and the High school.
Section 1
All members participate in the parental committees for the overall betterment of the
school. To achieve that end, the following guidelines should be followed at all
committee meetings and events:
a) Members should actively participate and attend events and meetings
b) All members’ opinions are welcome and respected
c) All decisions should be embraced by all members as their own, regardless of their
personal opinion
d) Members should not regard decisions that conflict with their position as a
personal attack
e) All subject discussions during committee meetings should remain confidential and
should not become a topic of discussion outside the meeting
f) Members should encourage other parents to support all projects
g) Classroom related issues should not become a topic of discussion during
committee meetings
h) Committee members cannot engage with students in any kind of disciplinary