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Teacher - Child Ratio

The following teacher- child ratios exceed the minimum requirements set by the State Department of Social Services.    

2-3 Year olds/one adult to every 6 children (children do not have to be toilet -trained in this group)

3-4 Year olds/ one adult to every 8 children (must be fully toilet trained)

4-5 Year olds/ one adult to every 8-10 children (must be fully toilet trained)

Young children are affected by their surroundings. The use of indoor and outdoor spaces, furnishings, materials, the daily schedule, adult child interactions are all important components that influence the teaching and learning process. The learning environment is an important factor and can be intentionally prepared to help support healthy development.

Outdoor Classroom setting nurtures children’s natural sense of wonder and fosters a lifelong connection to the outdoor world through dynamic child-initiated play and discoveries.